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223 Brass Once Fired (5.56x45)

223 Brass Once Fired For Sale, Once Fired. FREE Shipping and bulk discounts on bullets and brass. Bulk Packaged, 100/pk

Applications: 223 Remington
233 brass arrives every week. If we are out of stock today, we'll have more by the end of the week.
From $6.70

223 Caliber Bullets 055 grain (.224) FMJ Hornady 100pk

223 Bullets For Sale, 55 Grain Jacketed, Hornady. FREE Shipping and bulk discounts on bullets and brass. Bulk Packaged, 100/pk
Applications: 223 Bullets, 5.56 Bullets
From $8.38

45 ACP Once Fired Brass LPP

45 ACP Once Fired Brass For Sale - LPP, Once Fired. FREE Shipping and bulk discounts on bullets and brass. Bulk Packaged, 100/pk
Applications: 45 ACP
From $6.49

9mm Bullets 115 grain (.356) Round Nose Berrys 100pk

9mm Bullets For Sale, 115 Grain RN, Berrys. FREE Shipping and bulk discounts on bullets and brass. Bulk Packaged, 100/pk
Applications: 9mm Bullets, 357 SIG Bullets
From $9.11

Reloading Supplies - Brass and Bullets

 What sets us apart from our competitors:

  • The Best Quality – All products are manufactured within the United States from major manufacturers such as Starline, Rainier, Barnes Bullets, Berry's Bullets, Howell, Remington, Speer, and Hornady. Some competitors won't list the bullet manufacturer.
  • FREE SHIPPING Express - Most orders received within 2 to 4 days of payment, USPS Express with tracking.
  • Excellent Customer Service – See what our customers are saying.
  • Experience - We've been reloading since 1972.
  • Custom Reloaders - We don't just sell reloading supplies, we also do custom reloading (ATF 6 License)
  • Instructon- NRA Certified Instructors for Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course. Learn to reload for a variety of firearm types.
  • Transfers - Incoming firearms transfers in our Englewood shop ($20).
  • Veteran Owned – We are a Veteran/LEO owned and operated small business.
  • Special Order - Don't see what you want? Call or email us and we'll find it for you!
  • Chat/Text - Questions or suggestions? Text (or call) us at 941-451-7357
  • Reloaders Supply - We want to be your favorite Reloading Supply warehouse!
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6.5mm Bullets 140 grain (.264) ELD-M Hornady 100pk

6.5mm Bullets For Sale, 140 Grain ELD-M, Hornady. FREE Shipping and bulk discounts on bullets and brass. Bulk Packaged, 100/pk

From $33.01
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Our customer`s reviews

Added by 7/16/2018 10:41:49 PM

Good clean brass

Added by 7/16/2018 10:40:35 PM

I've been interested in these for my Blackout, but having problems finding load data for it. Any suggestions? ~ ADMIN NOTE: We can't post reloading data for a variety of reasons, but if you call or email, I can provide you with data that was provided to us from others that are using this round.

Added by 7/16/2018 10:37:15 PM

Excellent bullets for my 40 S&W, checked the weight variance on these and they were all within tolerance. I've noticed with pulled bullets, some of them are off by a grain or two... not much consistency then. The rounded bottom makes it easy to seat and I don't require near as much flare as on some other brands. Just an all around good plinking bullet!

Added by 7/15/2018 10:48:54 PM

Tried a few hundred of these, and they are ok, but I like the Hornady much better. For a cheap 10mm bullet, they are ok, but I wouldn't carry these as a self defense round. ADMIN: Correct, these are paper puncher bullets, not to be used for a defensive or hunting round. For those we would suggest a Hornady or Speer GD. Always choose your bullet based upon the target you are shooting at.

Added by 7/15/2018 10:39:53 PM

Very pleased, received these and found they were not only cleaned, but deprimed and full length resized too. Fit my Remington 308 just perfect!

Added by 7/14/2018 10:37:03 PM

Good quality 9mm brass. I had it resized and swaged, and it has lasted at least 6 reloadings so far. I didnt much care for the nickel though, but Jim tells me that if I don't want nickel, let him know and he'll take it out next time.Good brass, good service, good company!

Added by 7/14/2018 10:30:09 PM

I'm not an expert but I've tried different plated bullets and they can be grouped into light and heavy coatings. The light ones like Extreme are ok but are just no match for Rainier or Berry's. I've tried different tips in my 9mm, but have found the name brand like these are the best choice.

Added by 7/14/2018 10:22:44 PM

I've always hesitated to try plated bullets, but I've changed my mind. These work very well with my single action western rig and are best with a light crimp.

Added by 7/4/2018 9:53:17 PM

Ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday. you are my preferred supplier! Thanks! Love the NO TAX!

Added by 7/3/2018 4:46:56 PM

First time I've tried once fired brass for my 9mm. I like them, will be buying more soon.

Added by 7/3/2018 4:45:01 PM

Bought these with some once fired brass for my 357 magnum. Happy with both of them, fast free shipping, no taxes.

Added by 7/3/2018 4:43:34 PM

Good, clean brass with no defects. Happy with these and the Berry's bullets. Prices are very good and fast shipping.