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02-15-2023 Due to the rising costs of shipping, the minimum order for shipping HazMat supplies is $100.

We have Once Fired Brass coming in almost every day, however other supplies like powder and bullets have become harder to obtain over the last few months. Primers are still hard to get, however Large Rifle Primers (not magnum) are the hardest to obtain.

USRS does not allow back orders of any products. Shipping, including HazMat items takes approximately 2 days to process, however we do not guarantee the delivery date due to current shipping issues in the U.S. 


Recent Product and Customer Reviews

***** Great 03/20/23 Great.works and loads easy.I love this projectile I just wished it was in stock more often.shipping was fast and easy.I highly recommend * ADMIN: Appreciate the review, William! We do have them on order and expect more about this time next month. Thanks, Jim

***** 300 Blackout 03/20/23 I like these, but the 200 and 180 grain work well too for paper punching. Haven't tried CFE like the others have, but tried some from Shooters World and it worked quite well. My first AR platform, so still trying the different tips and powders till I find the right combination. My second order with fast shipping. Glad to see someone not screwing us on prices. Thanks

***** Fast shipping 03/20/23 Put my order in for some AAC .300 blackout brass early one morning and was notified that it shipped later in the day. Sure was surprised to see it show up just a couple days later. Full count of 102 and all looked pretty good.

***** Best brass 03/18/23 Best once fired .300 blackout brass I've bought. Great shape, a few bent necks, but that is always expected. Very clean, ordered 100 received 102, so count was good. This was part of a bigger order and I was a little antsy on the box. When I got it, couldn't believer how much tape was on that thing! Almost every inch was covered, so I was pretty impressed, way to go guys! Thanks, will be back, Larry

**** As said 03/13/23 The brass itself isn't the best looking brass but that's what it says, quite a few dented ones and some that are crushed almost in half. Besides that there's still a few good ones and there was about 1/10lb more than it said there would be.

***** My 223 go to powder 03/11/23 Really like this in my 223, makes nail drivers out of the Hornady 55 grain bullets. Meters well too. Appreciate the quick shipping from you guys and answering questions when I call.

***** Excellent dies for the price 03/10/23 I have a lot of dies, and most are Lee, good qualitity for the money and they work well with all my presses. Always clean them first, keep them lubed. Lot of my reloading friends don't clean or lube their dies and they end up with rust.

***** It's brass! 03/07/23 There's mostly 22lr casings in here but there's a few 22 magnums and 17 hmrs. Most of the brass is in good condition and seems reloadable if you wanted to. If you're planning to melt them be sure to look through all of them, there were a few live rounds sprinkled in that I found. * ADMIN: Thank you for the feedback and your 5 star rating!

***** Allsome 03/06/23 Buy a lot. Good products and price. Fast shipping. Need more 10 mm nickel. Will buy more.

***** Dot replacement 02/28/23 Can't find the Green/Red Dots anymore seems like, but this seems to be a good replacement for many loads.

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