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Please check out our Used and Discontinued page as we have quite a few items this week.
We have Once Fired Brass coming in almost every day, however other supplies like powder and bullets have become harder to obtain over the last couple of months. Primers are still hard to get, however Large Rifle Primers (not magnum) are the hardest to obtain. Hopefully this will stabilize after the November elections.
USRS does not allow back orders of any products. Shipping, including HazMat items takes approximately 2 days to process, however we do not guarantee the delivery date due to current shipping issues in the U.S. 

Recent Product and Customer Reviews

***** Great 308 once fired brass 12/07/22 First order from this company and was quite pleased. Brass came in a few days and when I inspected it, all were decapped and look quite good. Out of the 100 I ordered, I received and was able to use 102 of them. Since they were already decapped, I ran them through my swager, then trimmed them. Easy peasy! These guys are my new brass supplier!

***** Military crimped primers 12/07/22 Ordered .223 cases not knowing they have crimped primers in them. After snapping my RCBS decapping pins and expander assembly, I thought I'd look for one at USReloading Supplies.Low and behold they had the perfect decapper assembly. This one does not bend at all. Did 75 cases so far and no problems at all. if your having the same trouble I was having, give USRS a call, you'll be glad you did.Three taps with the hammer and their out. Call now. It's a great company!! * ADMIN: Thanks Anthony, sure appreciate your review. We are working on checking out some new dies that are most robust dies we have ever used. If they do work out, will be putting them on our website. Jim

***** Always a good choice 12/06/22 Really like this 40 S&W brass, always clean and shipped promptly. Have an occasional 10mm slip through, but I reload 10s so no issue with that. * ADMIN: Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate your feedback. We try hard to accurately sort our brass, but no human and no process is perfect. Things will inevitably slip through from time to time.

***** Decapped 308 brass? 12/02/22 Received my .308 brass casings a few days ago, and was surprised that it had already been decapped for me! Brass was clean and in great shape. I did a little prep work (swaging the primer pockets, sizing, and trimming), and was quite pleased with the results. All the cases are good and I'll be back for more. Think I have found my reloading company! * ADMIN: Tom, I remember talking to you on the phone about this order. Glad to see you were happy with the brass. Come on back down to the store when you have time and I'll show you around. Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it! Jim

***** Good info 12/01/22 Bought these after reading some comments about CFE. Tried these Berrys 300 blackout projectiles with CFE and damn it was a great subsonic round. I shoot wild pigs in my backyard the neighbors always bitch about the noise, but with these and CFE (and my suppressor) the noise went down considerably, and the meat on the table went up! Neighbors are happy and so am I. Want to try some of those lighter ones when they come back in stock.

***** 300 Blackout Brass, great cases 11/30/22 I've ordered online from several companies, most over charge and the cases are still pretty dirty, even though I pay extra for 'cleaned and polished' cases. Tried USRS and was very happy! I got cases that were CLEAN AND POLISHED without having to pay more for it. Cases were in pretty good shape and all were useable. Mixed headstamp, but that is what the page said. WILL BE BACK!

***** Great Blackout tips 11/28/22 Tried these 300 blackout projectile tips using some CFE Blackout suggested from another review. Works great!

***** S/W 40 cal and 9mm 11/27/22 Ordered both calibers and minimum of 800 each size both were great buys on my part all brass came super clean and polished ready to deprime and reload will order again never can have to much * ADMIN: We appreciate the kind words!

***** Great value if you don't have a tumbler. 11/27/22 I ordered 1000 cases received a little more than 1000 and less than 5 were unusable. 95% were Speer, 3% were Winchester, and 2 percent was Sig. No complaints and I would be happy to purchase more in the future. * ADMIN: Thanks for that information, Jeremy, we've never checked a bag before. I know it will vary a lot from week to week, but nice to know.

***** Long gun favorite 11/26/22 Great powder for my Blackout shooting subsonics. Have a tried several others, but always come back to this. Appreciate that you have it in stock so often.

Featured products

Berrys Bullets 40 Caliber 180 Grain RS pk/100

♦ .401 diameter; 40 S&W/10mm
♦ 180 Grain Round Shoulder
♦ Copper Plated
♦ Great for 40 S&W/10mm reloading 40 S&W/10mm ammo
♦ Bulk packaged
From $15.53

Berrys UltraMag 3.93" 50 Round Ammo Box

Berrys 50 round flip top ammo box for UltraMag. Colors may vary from picture shown.
$5.00 $4.50

Press Mount Forster #8 Coax Top Base Plate Inline Fabrication

Forster #8 Base Plate only - NOT QUICK CHANGE
$10.40 $9.40

Quick Change System Base Plate Inline Fabrication

Quick Change System Base Plate only
$36.50 $33.00

USED Quick Change Top Plate RCBS Rock Chucker Inline Fabrication

Quick Change Top Plate RCBS Rock Chucker only
$18.50 $16.75

Bullet Projectile Boxes MTM

Bullet Projectile Boxes from MTM. These hold BULLETS and assorted items, they are not for holding live ammo.
From $0.65

9mm Once Fired Brass Bullet Casings - Cleaned pk/100

♦ Cleaning
   We clean and polish the bullet cases before they make their way to you
♦ Boxer Primer pockets
   The bullet casings are high-quality boxer primer pockets
♦ Great for reloading 9mm Luger handgun ammo
   Don't buy new bullet casings; reload with once-fired brass casings
♦ Aluminum and steel removed
   We remove the aluminum and steel casings so you don't have to
♦ 2% to 3% additional 9mm brass added to each package
   We add extra brass casings for our top customers!
From $3.87
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