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Our Company

Established in 2012 in Phoenix, AZ, US Reloading Supply (formerly HQ Bullets) initially manufactured and sold cast lead bullets. In 2014, we realigned our sales to provide wholesale and retail sales of reloading components. We also began offering distributor discounts to small gun shops and custom reloaders and moved to Venice, FL.

We are a locally owned retailer of discount reloading supplies, components and ammunition manufacturing. Unlike some in our industry, we shoot exactly what we sell. Most of the products we carry have been used in thousands of our reloads, and shot at both indoor and outdoor ranges. Our customers include competition shooters whose feedback we value when selecting our inventory.

Browse through our selection of discount reloading supplies and shop with confidence. We stock most brass, bullets and many accessories at one of our regional warehouses. Contact us if you don't see what your are looking for, we may be able to special order it.

Our Mission

The Mission of US Reloading Supply is to provide quality reloading components to target and competitive shooters at a reasonable price. Our staff provides friendly service to assist customers with product selection and education.

Competitive Edge

What makes us different than our competitors? High-quality products, low prices, and the best customer service you’ll find!


Jim Swindle started shotgun reloading in the mid '60s and pistol reloading in the early'70s; then began selling brass and cast lead bullets to family and friends. Jim continued reloading well into his military career as an OSI Special Agent. After leaving the service, he often encountered problems finding quality products at a reasonable price. So in 2012, Jim obtained his ATF Type 6 license and started manufacturing his own cast lead bullets for himself and a small group of local shooters. After numerous requests from ecologically motivated customers, he switched to copper plated bullets and left casting behind. Within a short period of time, he added brass to his sales and started marketing Rainier copper plated bullets. Since then, Jim has grown US Reloading Supply into a full retail and wholesale business, selling quality reloading supplies to satisfied customers throughout the U.S.



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