Fired Brass Purchasing Program

Have fired brass casings you don't need? Consider selling it to us!


The general details for our brass purchasing program are below. If you have additional questions that aren't answered, please contact us via email at, or by phone at 941-451-7357.



It's not generally cost effective for us to ship brass in quantities less than what fits in a large flat rate box from the US Postal Service. So, while there may be some exceptions to that rule, that's generally the minimum quantity we would be interested in shipping for most brass. If you happen to be local and can bring it into our shop in Venice, FL there is no minimum quantity.



Large flat rate boxes are available for free from the US Postal Service, and are the typical box we use, but exceptions may be made sometimes. Shipping usually takes a toll on packaging, and we can only pay for the brass that we physically receive and can weigh... So, we ask that you line the box with a garbage bag before you put the brass in and use lots of tape all over the box.



We pay for shipping. Once a price is agreed upon, we email you prepaid shipping labels for the boxes you have. Simply print, tape label(s) to the outside of the box(es) and mail the box(es).

Please note: USRS cannot take resposibility for shipments that are lost or damaged in transit. We can only pay for brass that is physically received. Most packages arrive just fine. However, if the package is lost or damaged in transit, as the shipper, you will have to make a claim with the carrier to be reimbursed. It is a good idea to document the weight of the package and the agreed upon price, so that you can show the carrier proof of value, in the unlikely event that the package is lost or damaged and a claim needs to be made.



There are no sorting or cleaning requirements. We take it mixed and/or dirty. We pay for reloadable centerfire brass casings. When the package arrives, we remove any trash, steel, aluminum, and rimfire casings, then we weigh the useable brass and issue your payment. 


Payment methods:

If you happen to be local and can bring the brass to our shop in Venice, FL we can pay you in cash. Otherwise, we can pay with store credit applied to your USRS account, by Zelle, or by paper check.



Prices are negotiable and depend on the current market. What you have will determine what we offer. We buy brass by the pound, not by the caliber or by count. As a rule, all incoming brass goes through our own sorting and cleaning processes. We do not ever go by anyone else's sorting and cleaning standards, and we do not offer extra for sorted or cleaned brass.