308 Win Once Fired Brass Casings (7.62x51)

308 Winchester Once Fired Brass (7.62x51) Unit of Issue: 50 Each
Manufacturer: Once Fired Brass - OFB
Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer part number: 308 OFB
Delivery date: 2-5 days
Old price: $15.75
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308 Wincester Once Fired Brass For Sale

*Decapped, but not resized.
Boxer primer pocket cases.
Washed and polished mixed headstamp.
No aluminum or steel.
Each package receives an additional 1%-2%.
Most purchases are shipped out the next business day.
Checkout is simple for guests and there is no risk because we offer a money-back guarantee.
FREE shipping on orders over $25; no other fees will be added at the checkout.
Our high quality .308 brass is sorted by size, steel/aluminum/Berdan cases are removed, and then the brass is washed and tumble dried. These boxer primed, once fired casings include both commercial and military headstamps. Additionally, we add an extra 1% to 2% of brass to cover shortages and those that you may deem unusable. This is mixed brass, both 308 Win and 7.62mm brass casings; they have not been sorted. *As time permits, we may, at our discretion, decap the brass (but not resize it).
This Once Fired Brass has been shot at least once and the flash hole size is unknown. For more information go to Brass Information.
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
1 - TypeBrass
2 - ConditionOnce Fired Brass
3 - Case308
Existing reviews
These guys rock
Excellent prices and great service is the rule here. Small batches equals perfection. I ordered some .308 and some 9mm and even their seconds are great.
Steven | 4/19/2024 8:30 PM
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A manager responded to this review
Thanks Steven, appreciate your comments!
I just had to let you know...
(This review was copied and pasted from an email from a customer)

Hello. I just had to let you know how happy I was with the brass I ordered from your company. It was the cleanest and most easily reloaded of any I have bought from other sources. I would highly recommend your product. It was clean and had good working dimensions....I have bought some before that had necks that were too thick that wouldnt chamber after a bullet was seated. Other brass was so dirty....Thanks again for a superior product.

Guest | 2/5/2024 12:55 PM
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Great 308 Once Fired brass casings
Third order from these guys and they are great. Usually I get them decapped, but had one order a while back that weren't. Good shape, a couple of minor dings, but clean, shiny and ready to process. This is my go to company for brass.
Guest | 11/28/2023 5:42 AM
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A manager responded to this review
John, we try and decap them if we have time and the machine is available. We did it as a test for awhile and found it work well, so should be continuing this practice in the future. We just don't advertise them as decapped. Thanks for your review.
308 brass reloadable
Good clean brass most reloadable occasionally get some two holes for primer and get scraped , just let them know and they will fix you up, usually on the next order , have been good to me good job guys, only had a dozen two holes in my last order, can't tell until you go to resizing die and break a pin
Archie | 11/2/2023 11:16 AM
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A manager responded to this review
*Just for the sake of clarity, this customer ordered regular brass 308 cases, not nickel plated. We moved this review to the correct product.*

We usually check for Berdan primed cases with a bore scope or magnifying light. Breaking pins is avoidable with the appropriate tools.

Sure am sorry about the Berdan cases. Not exactly sure how those slipped through the cracks. Please email me at sales@usreloadingsupply.com if those have not already been replaced.
308 brass reloadable
In pretty good shape no complaints for once fire , could tell 7.62 -51 from 308 by decapping and deburing primer pocket, all good glad to get some good brass to reload for sighting in and tuning in different 308 rifles and some Brass for hunting, good job guys
Guest | 10/22/2023 1:33 PM
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Best .308 brass
Think this the best fired .308 brass I've bought. This has been my 4 purchase and all have been very good. Most times I get it deprimed, but last batch wasn't, not that it make much difference, it is all good. Very clean and pretty shiny too. Shipping took about 3 days so pretty quick.
Guest | 6/26/2023 2:12 AM
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308 brass
Received .308 brass yesterday, happy to find it had been decapped and was in great shape. Couple of dings, but the mouths looked good and it was pretty  clean. Will recommend to my friends.
Guest | 2/1/2023 7:45 AM
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Very Satisfied!
Received my order of 308 Win cases. Very satisfied! Thanks
Guest | 1/18/2023 7:54 AM
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.308 Brass
Got my order a few days back and just opened and checked it. Looks great! Pretty shiny and they were all deprimed. You're the man!
Guest | 1/8/2023 3:07 AM
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once fired 308 brass
i don't usually do reviews, but was very impressed with the 308 cases I received the other day. All looked good, ordered 100, received 102, and all were reloadable. Mixed 308 remington and 7.62mm, resized, swaged then trimmed. Was much nicer having them already decapped, so I didn't possibly lose a pin (and I do sometimes). Will be ordering more when they are back in stock.
Guest | 1/7/2023 11:40 AM
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Great 308 once fired brass
First order from this company and was quite pleased. Brass came in a few days and when I inspected it, all were decapped and look quite good. Out of the 100 I ordered, I received and was able to use 102 of them. Since they were already decapped, I ran them through my swager, then trimmed them. Easy peasy! These guys are my new brass supplier!
Guest | 12/10/2022 3:17 PM
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Decapped 308 brass?
Received my .308 brass casings a few days ago, and was surprised that it had already been decapped for me! Brass was clean and in great shape. I did a little prep work (swaging the primer pockets, sizing, and trimming), and was quite pleased with the results. All the cases are good and I'll be back for more. Think I have found my reloading company!
Guest | 12/3/2022 2:29 PM
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A manager responded to this review
Tom, I remember talking to you on the phone about this order. Glad to see you were happy with the brass. Come on back down to the store when you have time and I'll show you around. Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it! Jim
308 brass once fired
Second purchase of this .308 brass. Ordered 300, received 308. Most brass was shiny, some brass was so shiny thought they were nickel, but weren't. Quickly inspected them and didn't see any berdan primers. Lubed, decapped and resized them, then did a good inspection. No defects were seen, although a couple had some minor dents in the cases, I knew they would shoot out, so didn't worry about them.
Very pleased with this order, this is now my Go To company for brass!
Guest | 10/7/2022 10:00 AM
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A manager responded to this review
Thank you, sure appreciate it!
Pack of 100
Out of the 103 I received, three needed to have the primer pocket swagged, and the rest were ok. Never a problem with swagging as most .308 brass I get everywhere has crimped pockets. Just have to accept it and move on. Brass was very clean and after resizing and trimming, looked great! Will be back.
Guest | 9/10/2022 2:11 PM
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Great 308 Brass
Brass came fast, free shipping, and it was clean. All but two had crimped primer pocket but it didn't take long to de-prime and swag, full length size trim and ready. I will be back to order more since the AR chews them up pretty fast.
Guest | 2/26/2022 4:26 AM
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Just received 250 of .308 brass.....very happy as with all previous orders
Order Brass atleast three times a month...I have never been disappointed. A quality company to deal with.
Guest | 1/27/2022 5:46 PM
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Once fired 308
Nice and clean, counted 104 pieces, and threw 2 away, rest reloaded great. Good price and FREE SHIPPING!
Guest | 11/5/2021 11:58 PM
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