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Lost Packages

We ship thousands of packages a year and roughly 1% of those are slowed in transit for a few days to a week. If your package is ‘lost’ in transit of has not arrived yet, you can check the status of it by entering your USPS tracking number (provided to you via email when it was shipped) and enter it at USPS.com® - USPS Tracking®. Please note: All claims about lost, shortages, miscounted, damaged or missing packages or contents issues must be done within 60 days of shipping and include copies of all packaging and labels.

If the package has not showed movement within a couple of days you can go to USPS Missing Mail and file a search request and they will keep you updated with the status of your parcel.

Should the package be missing for at least 15 days, then a USPS Claim can be filed Domestic Claims | USPS for reimbursement. Please note: Domestic Claims investigations can take up to 60 days conclude, and until USPS has concluded their investigation, no refund will be issued by USRS. Additionally, credit card "charge-backs" will be held until the investigation concludes. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Please note, you an also contact us when your parcel is missing, but we will do exactly the same as outline above.

USPS Website Showing 'Acceptance Pending' or 'Awaiting Item'

USPS website says, 'Accepted Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending' or 'Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item'.

USPS allows large shipments to be scanned during pickup by using a Scan Form, which is a sheet of bearing a barcode that represents all the individual pieces of mail. When the shipment is created, the USPS tracking website creates the entry "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item". At this point, the shipment has not yet been received by USPS.

Once the shipment has been picked up and the Scan Form has been scanned, the tracking changes to "Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending" on each of the individual tracking pages for that pickup. If not for the Scan Form, the postal worker would have to scan each of the items individually at the pickup point (business), thus allowing the driver to pickup 100+ packages in a couple of minutes, without having to scan each item.

Once it gets to the actual Post Office, they are supposed to scan each package as it comes in off the truck, and when they do, it would update to show as ‘Accepted at USPS Origin Facility’. However, often (our estimate 2% of the time) they miss scanning a package and when they do miss it, it shows only the Pending status.

This does not mean it isn’t in transit, it just means that it wasn’t scanned. Now what happens next, is sometimes it is scanned further down the line, like when it is rerouted, and it would then show the ‘Accepted’ status.

However, what normally happens, is that the package status stays the same until it is actually given to the recipient, and then suddenly, all the tracking shows up at the same time. I would like to say this happens very infrequently, but in reality; it happens for us about a dozen times a week.

Orders Not Received or Missing

If your carrier shows it has been delivered but your don’t have it, here are a few suggestions to start with.

  1.       Check with your family and ensure that they haven’t picked up the items for you or if they checked the mail box yet. Surprisingly, this happens frequently.
  2.       Your neighbor may have picked it up for you or the carrier may have left it with a neighbor so it won’t be stolen.
  3.       Sometimes carriers leave the packages under the  front porch, behind the fence, in the garage or on the back porch so that the delivery is out of sight.
  4.       Contact your local USPS Post Office or your carrier the next day. Sometimes they will remember the delivery and it may have been delivered to the wrong address.

 Damaged Packages or Missing Contents

If your package has been damaged, inspect it immediately for damage or missing contents. All packages we ship have been insured, so you can file a claim directly with the carrier, or contact us and we will do it for you. NOTE: ALWAYS save the original damaged package and anything that came with it for at least 60 days as the carrier may want to physically inspect it.