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Incoming Firearms Transfer
Once you decide to buy a firearm on line, we can assist with the handling of the ATF transfer paperwork for non NFA weapons. Below are the procedures to follow.
Incoming transfer fee from all 50 states. $30 for up to 3 firearms at a time, each additional firearm will be $5 each. This does include the mandatory Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check.
We have agreements in place for GunBroker, Palmeto, MidWayUSA, Cabelas, Grab A Gun, Buds, and over a hundred other locations. We do NOT do business with Sportsmans Warehouse (Sportsman.com). If your dealer does not have a copy of our license, ask for their contact email address and we will send them a copy of our license.
Once a firearm is recieved, the following day we will contact you for an appointment to complete the FDLE application process.
Transfers are not done the same day the weapon is recieved as they must be inspected to ensure condition and matches the provided information prior to transfer.
Purchaser must be 21 years of age and the transfer can only be done to the name provided by the sending company so please ensure it is correct. No exceptions for spouse or relatives.
Pistols can only transfer to a Florida state residents. Out of state residents are not allowed to recieve a pistol. This is a federal law. You must have a current Florida ID (drivers license) and it MUST show your current address.
Long guns, to receive your weapon, you must have a current ID (drivers license) and it MUST show your current address. If not, the transfer can not be competed.
If you do not have a current Florida Concealed Weapons permit then a mandatory 3 business day waiting period is required by law. The mandatory three (3) business day waiting periods start on the day of purchase. Business days are not weekends or holidays and do not include the date of purchase or date of pick-up.
Firearms not picked up after 5 business days will start to accrue storage fees of $3.00 a day. This is due to insurance and liability reasons. If not picked up within 180 days, the firearm(s) will be considered abandoned and will be sold to pay off storage fees.Outgoing Firearms Transfer
Should you want to transfer a weapon to another person, we can assist with the handling of that. NOTE: Private party transfers MUST be residents of Florida. For local transfers we can provide the FDLE background check and an ATF form if needed. For person to person transfers, neither are needed, however, sometimes people are more comfortable with it being done in a neutral place and with a background check. The fee for this is $30 and includes the FDLE optional background check.
Need to send to another location? We ship to all 50 states but only to licensed ATF dealers. For this process we need the dealer/gun stores name, address, phone number and email address. We will then contact them and request a copy of the their license. Once their license is received and verified, we can then start the process.
We will also need the name of the person to transfer the weapon to, as well as their address and phone number. The weapon(s) will then be packaged and shipped to that dealer. The fee is $30 plus the actual shipping and insurance charges.
Additional Information:
Federal Gun Laws and the Transfer of Firearms
According to Title 18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3), an unlicensed or non-dealer can transfer guns to another unlicensed or non-dealer if they reside in the same state, but it is illegal for them to transport or receive a firearm from a seller living in another state. A private seller cannot sell or deliver a gun to a purchaser who does not live in their state.
In addition, Title 18 states that it is illegal for a private seller to sell a gun to a private buyer if they have reason to believe that individual cannot possess or receive it under federal or state laws. If private buyers and sellers breach these requirements, the transaction is illegal.
Federal law bans certain categories of people from purchasing firearms, according to Title 18. They include:
Convicted felons.
Unlawful users or people addicted to controlled substances.
Involuntarily committed people or those determined to be mentally defective.
Illegal aliens.
Persons who have received a dishonorable discharge from the military.
Persons renouncing their U.S. citizenship.
Persons currently under a protection order, such as a restraining order or protection injunction.
Persons convicted of a misdemeanor for domestic violence.
Persons under indictment for a felony charge.
In addition, Florida law prohibits a person from owning a firearm who has been:
Determined to be delinquent of a crime that would be a felony if an adult committed it.
Designated "Adjudication Withheld" status on a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor less than three years since the completion of their sentence.
Recently arrested for a disqualifying crime and who has not had a disposal or dismissal in court.
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