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Lee Precision 9mm Luger Full Length Carbide Sizing Die Unit of Issue: 1 Each
SKU: LEE.DO.90548
Manufacturer part number: 90548
Availability: Out of stock
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Lee Precision 9mm Luger Full Length Carbide Sizing Die

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Lee 9MM Luger Carbide Full Length Sizing Die only. No case lube required. The solid carbide insert is ground to a special contour that does not leave the belt mark on the case. No case lubricant is needed and will actually burnish the case to improve the finish. 

The Lee Precision 9mm Luger Carbide Sizing Die‘s solid carbide sizer ring is specially ground and polished with diamond wheels so no case lubrication is needed saving you time and money. Lee‘s exclusive contour grind sizes closer to the rim than any other brand of sizing die.

The collet held decapper is nearly unbreakable even if you miss-adjust it. And it is strong enough to decap military cases with crimped primers. The collet clamp accurately centers the decapper in the die. Should you over stress the decapper for any reason, it harmlessly slides up without breaking and is easily reset.

When used in any single station press, the Lee Speed Die reloads faster than three die sets because you don‘t have to change dies between operations. Lifetime carbide sizer eliminates the need to lube your cases.

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