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This 4 hour course is a refresher course for those with some with reloading experience.

This is a review course for those that have either reloaded before and need extra training or just need more information to safely reload metallic cartridges. This is an 4 hour course, and is conducted at US Reloading Supply’s shop in Venice, FL. A maximum of 2 students are allowed per course.

This is normally a one on one, hands on course, but up to 2 students can be enrolled at the same time. Safety is stressed through out the course, and current data reference material is used extensively. Bring your own press or use one of ours, single stage, turret or progressive, or we can use all three. We will go through each step of the reloading process, with the instructor demonstrating each step, then the student doing the exact same thing, one step at a time.

Topics discussed and demonstrated will be:

  • Case inspection, cleaning, measurement and preparation
  • Depriming, resizing
  • Priming cases, both hand priming and machine priming
  • Powder measures and powder selection
  • Bullet selection, seating and crimping
  • Data guides



COURSE DATES & TIMES -  Contact us for a current list. You will need to pre-register.

PREREQUISITES - Basic knowledge of firearms, ammunition and reloading.

INSTRUCTOR - Jim Swindle, NRA Certified Basic Reloading Instructor with over 50 years of reloading experience.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. All orders must be paid at least a week in advance to allow for scheduling.

NOTE: You may want to bring non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. We have a refrigerator and microwave, but there are no vending machines.



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