USRS Shipping is Green

Thursday, July 7, 2016

US Reloading Supplies has successfully moved its Phoenix distribution center to Southwest Florida, and we’re stocked to the gills with reloading supplies! Some of you have patiently waited to order while we got situated and we thank you for that. (Check out our discount prices on many items that were out of stock during our transition.)

Although we’ve moved, some things just never change—it’s still hot and so are we! We’re committed to customer service and being the best reloading supply company you purchase from…but who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Coming from the dry, brown deserts of Arizona, we noticed how green things really are here. And then the lightbulb went on. How can we keep this state green?

Thanks to you and the results of our latest survey, USRS is now dedicated to helping the environment. So if some of your packages seem light, it’s only because we’re not using as much packaging material or unnecessary boxing. (Or maybe our mascot Joey accidentally shorted you – he has no thumbs, you know.) By the way, we’re passing the savings on to you, but if you want a cardboard or plastic bullet box, you can purchase them. In any case, let us know how we can serve you and our environment better. ~The Team at US Reloading Supply

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