New Website 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Our newly upgraded website went operational on Wed, 2/1/2017. It was a bumpy road but we think we have most of the kinks worked out of it. Below is a summary of some of our changes.

  • We have removed the Free Shipping that we have had for years. USPS raised rates last month and we felt we could provide a better price for our customers if we went to a transparent shipping price instead. In most cases this has REDUCED the amount you pay. For example, 100 Starline 44 Mag brass on our old website with free shipping was $27.30, with this new site it is $25.15. This in turn has eliminated our quantity discounts as they were used to compensate for the shipping charges.
  • Instead of separate product pages for each manufacturer, we've grouped products to make them easier to find. Example, for 10mm Starline brass, you will find it listed in the Starline brass page (along with the 9mm, 41 Magnum) and their other brass products. So should you wish to order Starline brass in 10mm and 45 ACP, you'll find them on the same page.
  • Although we mostly sell reloading components, we will be selling ammo (22LR, 223 and 38 Special in stock now) as well. These will probably be shippable.
  • For Powder and Primers we will be stocking those for local customers only and will not be shipping them.
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