May 2020 Reloading Update

Friday, May 8, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic scare continues, we are still rocking and rolling. Our hours have not changed, but our shipping has slowed down. During the first few weeks of this, we sold almost all our bullet stock as well as all the ammo we had. Seems like a day did not go by where we didn’t get a dozen people stop by and dozens more call to see if we had 9mm or 40 S&W ammo in stock, or if we had projectile tips.

Now that things have started slowing down, we are doing our best to restock out shelves. However, manufacturers and the distributors are still trying to catch up and many are way behind. What used to take a week to back order and come in, was 4 to 5 weeks, and is now about 3 weeks. But bulk bullets are still an issue as they are now 3 months lagging, in what was about 2 weeks. The fact that we do not know when anything will be back in stock, has had us temporarily stop any backorders. Hopefully, we can resume that once production becomes more normal.

Prices on bullets have not seemed to have changed (yet), and primers are also about the same. Powder, however, has gone up slightly, some say due to higher shipping rates. New brass has not changed much and Once Fired Brass (OFB) has changed some due to the cost of brass raising. But overall, most prices are not much off from a few months ago.

We will get through this but looks like it will be some time before we are again stocked up.

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