Free Shipping Over $50

Monday, April 3, 2017

Last week we tested our Free Shipping on all orders orders over $50. We received a lot of good feedback and decided to roll it out permanently. Any order that has products totaling over $50 (minus any discounts) will receive Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. For those under $50, our shipping prices are still less than our major competitors like Midway and Brownells.

Reward points have been updated and all registered users can now use them toward shipping or product purchases. Points are assessed on 1 point per $10 purchased and can be redeemed during checkout for a value of 2 points per dollar. Points are valid for a rolling 90 day period.

We now carry our own brand of Once Fired Brass in 223 ($6.61 @ 100), 9mm  ($4.34 @ 100) and 45 ACP ($7.43 @ 100) and are looking at expanding our selection. Our brass comes from indoor ranges and then we attempt to remove all damaged/dented brass, but sometimes they do slip through. We guarantee 99% of the brass is in reloadable condition, but also include a few extra cases to cover any that may slip through. We then wet clean and polish the brass.

Our guarantee is if you are in any way not happy with any of the brass you receive from us, you will either receive the cash value for the damaged brass, or we will ship you replacement brass at our cost.

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