Etsy Bullet Listings Ended

Monday, May 14, 2018

Just a few days ago (May 10th, 2018), Bill from Etsy’s Marketplace Integrity team, notified us that our bullet (projectile tips) listings were removed due to them being classified as 'Prohibited Items'. After reviewing their policy guild lines and not seeing bullets (projectile tips) listed we contacted them and requested clarification, their response:

To clarify, Etsy's policies prohibit the sale of weapons, including (but not limited) shot designed to be loaded into a cartridge and fired, and empty ammo casings or shells that are marketed as being convertible back to live ammunition. In certain circumstances we do allow the sale of empty shells/casings as Craft Supplies, but they cannot be marketed as convertible to live ammunition (e.g., for "reloading").

Several customers have contacted us and asked why we are not showing any bullet listings, so have posted this in our news for clarification.

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