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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Comparison Shopping – Buyer Beware

Not long ago, I had a customer ask for a price match with one of our competitors. I looked at their website and despite their price of $24 versus our price of $40, I mentioned to the customer that I believed our prices may be better. Since I had time to perform a price check while the customer was there, I went through ordering the competitor’s product until I reached their check out page. At that point, their $24 product was over $50. My customer was surprised and asked how that was possible.

**Below, you’ll see what the competitor’s initial product price showed and how pre-selected, add-on charges, only visible once you’re in the shopping cart, jacked up their price.   

I understand getting the best ‘bang for your buck’ when shopping, and we all do comparisons, but do we really compare apples to apples? This experience made me realize that perhaps not everyone is doing an apple-to-apple comparison of prices, so I did a little of that for you.

I decided to compare prices for one of our major brass products. A quick Google search led me to selecting 5 of the top 10 competitor listings. The following chart shows price differences for 1,000 Once Fired Brass 9mm Luger; washed and polished.

Comparision Shopping Image
Prices fluctuate over time. Prices above reflect the date this article was written.

As well, I understand from my customers that some retailers will charge a credit card fee to cover their processing costs. That fee doesn’t appear on the order form. It only shows up when you receive your credit card statement. Since I didn’t complete any of the orders from my competitors, I can’t verify this, but folks, that seems like a hidden fee.

We may not always be the least expensive place to buy from, nor do we claim to be. However, we want to ensure customers know the facts and aren’t scammed by other retailers.

 ** PRE-SELECTED charges on the retailer’s order form for:  Insurance - $2.50 and “Signature” Service - $6.35.  If you don’t deselect those options, the total would be $52.09.  


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7/21/2023 5:25 AM
Never thought about it

Very interesting. I do comparison shopping a lot, but usually only look at the main website page prices. This is a real eye opener. Thanks for posting.

7/21/2023 8:00 PM

Good and interesting information, never saw this put togther before like this. Every shopper should have been aware of this, but I think that most just do the cursory overview on the price and guess things like the shipping are similar. However, from the chart above as well as my expreriences I've seen the shipping for the excact same item vary by over 200%, and although not noted above, some companies charge a handling fee too. Buyer beware!

8/12/2023 7:02 PM
Pre-selected charges

Thanks for mentioning the pre-selected charges. It's such a scam, and if you're not paying attention, they sure add up. Thanks for not doing that!

11/5/2023 7:56 PM
Multiple caliber brass

I have checked out the other competitors year's ago and when I placed my first order with you and you stand by your product information that you  have for every item that you  handle and you will even email me about a difference between the item when not a standard  reloading process is applicable, ya'll are great people who will take time to help you with any  questions that you are not sure about when you're looking at a product that is on their website,  good job everyone at  USRS.
ADMIN: Thank you Archie, appreciate your comments and your support over the years! Jim

11/15/2023 4:34 PM
300 savage brass

These come in a 50 pack like all the other larger caliber, thanks again AES