Boxer and Berdan primed brass, description contest

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Normally we don’t share calls received from customers but had a one today. Person called complaining that they had some boxer primed brass after ordering 223/5.56 once fired brass. We asked if they read the bold print on the website (in several places) that stated, “These include both commercial and military casings (NATO in mm).” and “Military casings could have crimped primer pockets.” However, they were not happy so we offered to have them ship them back to us, at our cost, and we would provide them a full refund. They didn’t like that either and after them giving us several dozen 4 letter words they hung up. Don't know who they are as their phone number did not come through.

If anyone has any good suggestions on how to tell people the above, please drop me a note or phone call so we can post the information to avoid these types of situations. Not sure if these are new reloaders that don’t know what they are ordering or people that are just not reading the ad.

So this is now a contest, send us the best idea on what to do ti fix this and win a $50 gift certificate. This is in addition to our normal monthly drawings. We're open to ideas and if it works, we'll update our ads and you'll receive a gift certificate.

Boxer vs Berdan primed cases

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