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41 Magnum Starline Brass In Stock - Jan 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

We had an email from one of our Amazon clients the other day (we sell on Amazon too), wanting to know if we stocked .41 Magnum brass and bullets, which we don’t. After giving it some consideration we have decided to stock some ‘test’ rounds and see what type of welcome they receive. If a number of customers like them, we’ll stock up on them… if not, once we sell these out, they'll be discontinued. We should have new brass in on Saturday (01/16/16) with Hornady 210 GR HP/XTP coming in next week some time. Not sure yet on the Hornady pricing yet. Load data for it indicates it is a pretty versatile round. Using the Hornady 210 XTP and Win 296, you can push 1,500 fps and with lighter bullets, it appears that you can approach 2,000 fps. For those that don’t know the history of this caliber, it came out in 1964 by Remington and was created primarily for LE and hunting. Keith and Jordan were looking for a cartridge between the 357 Magnum and the 44 Magnum and this was their result.

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