USA Reloading Supply

Friday, September 23, 2022

Recently we discovered that USA Reloading Supply has been using our Trademarked logo fraudulently. They have been masquerading as us, and they have been using our phone number to tell customers to contact us about their orders. We are NOT related to USA Reloading Supply in any way. We have attempted to contact them, however their phone number and address on their website is false. 

We contacted their webhosting provider SiteGround, and were forwarded to their legal firm, Amundsen Law, who has stated they would investigate. If you have any questions or complaints about USA Reloading Supply, we suggest you contact the BBB and Amundsen Law Firm, 608-515-8370,

If you purchased from them, your best recourse is to contact your bank or credit card company immediately.


NOTE: As of Sep 29th, 2022, their website is not longer active. It appears that they have either been shut down or they voluntarily gave up their website. 

10/06/2022, we are still getting calls and emails from customers that have confused us with them.

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11/9/2022 5:02 PM

Thank you for being vigilant in these crazy times!