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Deburring Chamfer Tool Inside Hornady

6- Blade Deburring Chamfer Tool- Inside- Hornady
Manufacturer: Hornady
Availability: 1 in stock
SKU: HORN-050172
Manufacturer part number: 050172
Delivery date: 2-5 days

6- Blade Deburring Chamfer Tool- Inside- Hornady

This 6-blade inside diameter chamfer tool is compatible with Hornady's lock-n-load quick change hand tool.

Designed to remove the burrs from the inside of a case mouth for consistent seating depth and reduces the chance of shaving material off when a bullet is seated.

Great chamfer tool bit for reloaders to help keep chamfers and deburrs square with the case mouth, eliminating slippage and reducing errors.

Easily removes burrs from the case mouth allowing you to seat the bullet without having to worry about the bullet being damaged.

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