Billing vs Shipping Address Verification

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Billing vs Shipping Address Verification


For a long time, our policy regarding shipping has been as follows:

"Shipping to Other than Billing Address. Due to the large amount of credit card fraud, we only ship to the Billing Address. If you would like to use a Shipping Address rather than the Billing Address, we need a copy of an official statement confirming the address such as a utility bill, driver’s license, or government ID with your name and the shipping address shown. Email us a copy within 5 days of your order and we will update our records to allow you to always use that address. If you do not provide an official statement within 5 days of the order, it will be canceled, and your credit card will be fully refunded."


Thus far, we have been pretty lax about enforcing this policy. Unfortunately, credit card fraud and chargebacks are measurably on the rise, and we must react accordingly.

Additionally, we are changing the policy slightly so that we are allowing 2 business days for an official statement to be provided before the order will be cancelled and refunded.


Moving forward, if you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address:

  1. Please contact your credit card company and have the shipping address added as an alternate or authorized address. You can then rerun the transaction and your order will go through as normal.
  2. You may use Zelle to make your payment to Wells Fargo Bank. Please include your order # in the comments section, so we can link your payment to your order.
  3. Email us ( documentation that the shipping address location is a bonafide address for receiving goods. (Documentation would be an official statement showing your name and the shipping address on the document. Which would include things such as: utility bill statements, government issued ID, vehicle registration, etc...)


  • Documentation provided previously. (We won't ask you to re-verify, if you've already done so.)
  • Existing history with USRS of that shipping address going through uncontested.


Thank you for your consideration in this matter. 



USRS Management





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