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7.62×54R BERDAN Primer Pockets Casings For Sale

BERDAN Primer pockets (Most, if not all of these, are manufactured with Berdan. So for this product, we assume they all are.)

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Our 7.62×54R reloading casings are sorted by diameter, then washed and tumbled. These Berdan primed 7.62×54R range cases Includes commercial and military casings. These used 7.62×54R casings could have minor dings, dents, slightly bent mouths, or other slight imperfections, but most flaws can be easily removed during resizing or will be shot out upon your first firing. If you are expecting a perfect case, then you would probably be happier with our new brass, these are quite good, but not perfect. 7.62×54R bullet casings are one of your least expensive options when doing once fired 7.62×54R bulk reloading. This Once Fired Brass has been shot at least once and the flash hole size is unknown. For more information go to Brass Information.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
1 - TypeBrass
2 - ConditionOnce Fired Brass
3 - Case308
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