D-Lead Skin Cleaner with Abrasive ESCA Tech 8oz

D-Lead Skin Cleaner with Abrasive ESCA Tech 8oz 1ea Unit of Issue: 1 Each
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SKU: DLD.CH.4455ES-008
Manufacturer part number: 4455ES-008

D-Lead Wipe or Rinse Skin Cleaner with Abrasive

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Loosens and lifts the toughest heavy metal dust, lead, contaminants, dirt, oils, inks, paint, adhesives and embedded grease. The smooth rounded abrasive avoids micro cuts and skin abrasion. Lanolin and natural organic oils moisturize and refresh the skin.

To use: Apply to the skin and rub. Wipe off with a clean dry towel or rinse off with water.

*Not for sale in California

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