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405 gain lead bullet from US reloading
I purchased the 405 gain lead bullet for my 1895 J M model Marlin. I attached gas checks from hornady. 5 shots, inside an inch at 100 yards. Shot into water jugs from 20 feet, (recieved a shower) bullets passed thru 7 and found in the 8th.  With gas checks, weighing  421 grains to begin with. After firing weight 420.3 grains. I repeated the test with a 1 in pine board between jug 1 and 2. The bullet stopped again in the 8th jug. 420.1 grains recovered weight. Both expanded to 90.4 caliber and 91.3 caliber respectively.  Never in my 70 years of hunting and shooting have I ever had bullets perform like this. I cannot wait to see what this combination will do on a Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.
Best bullet I have ever shot !
Excellent job US reloading.
Mike Sandfort. Wyoming
8/15/2023 5:59 PM
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A manager responded to this review
I am very happy that you had such good results. Thanks for taking the time to leave us such an informative review! We really appreciate it, and we hope we can continue to earn your business as time marches on!
.405 grain lead 45-70 bullets
Added gas checks,  shot into milk jugs. Penetration 8 jugs. Then shot 1 jug, 1" pine board and found the bullet in jug 8. Perfect expansion.  .90 and .91 caliber respectively.  I can't wait to take an Elk with it. Rifle was Marlin 1895 Cowboy model jm stamped.
Velocity of load 16 68 fps.
Mike, Wyoming
12/29/2022 12:58 PM
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