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USRS - Loyalty and Referral Rewards programs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

USRS – Reward Points for Referrals (as of 10/13/22)

We appreciate our customers and value your opinions. If you like us, and refer us on a website, forum or to someone, let us know! Send us a link to the website or forum and we’ll add 10 Reward Points to your account. If the referral is to a person, have them give us your name and email address during checkout and we’ll add 10 points to your account and 10 points to their account also.


Many businesses spend outrageous amounts of money on advertising. We would rather have your honest referrals instead.



USRS- Loyalty Reward Program
We have also started a loyalty reward program. Returning customers gain points on their account, based on the number of previous orders as shown below.

Order # 10- 5 points
Order # 20- 10 points

Order # 30- 15 points

Order # 40- 20 points

Order # 50- 25 points

That pattern continues as every 10 orders receives 1/2 of that number in points, to a maximum of 50 points.


Please note that you must have an account with us to participate with either of these programs, as guest checkouts don’t have accounts to which we can apply points.


Please let us know if you have any questions.



USRS Management

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