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Universal Shell Holder Extension - Hornady

Universal Shell Holder Extension - Hornady
Manufacturer: Hornady
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: HORN-392171
Manufacturer part number: 392171

Universal Shell Holder Extension - Hornady

Hornady shell holder extenion for single stage presses, gives your ram/shell holder a couple more inches. Great for pulling bullets!

This tool is made of strong, durable materials that is sure to last as long as you keep your reloading passion and precision machined from solid steel then heat treated to perform flawlessly for the life of the press. 

​​This tool allows for additional length to accommodate shorter cartridges. The Hornady universal extended shellholder is compatible with other Hornady accessories and most other brands of reloading presses and standard shell holders.  (Not for use with 50 BMG shell holders.)

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