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USED Size-O-Matic 800B- 12 GA Progressive Shotshell Press- Ponsness/Warren

USED Size-O-Matic 800B- 12 GA Progressive Shotshell Press from Ponsness/Warren
Availability: 1 in stock
Manufacturer part number: USED-12GA-SOM800B

USED Size-O-Matic 800B- 12 GA Progressive Shotshell Press- Ponsness/Warren 

We bought this press used over a year ago, with the intent on using it here in the shop. However, we have not had the extra time to put it to use. At this point, it does not appear that we will have that kind of time any time in the near future. So, we've decided to try to find "Sheamus" the shotshell press a nice home.

When we got it, over a year ago, it was taken apart, cleaned, lubricated (in accordance with the owners manual), and reassembled with a few new replacement parts from Ponsness/Warren. 

Parts replaced:

  1. Powder Shutoff (was plastic)
  2. Shot Shutoff (was p[lastic)
  3. Powder Hopper
  4. Shot Hopper
  5. Hopper Lid

This press is in good working condition. Although we never had the time to reload with it, it cycles and indexes smoothly. We have wiped the press down to be sold, but would recommend lubricating it again before putting into use, since it has sat unused for a while.

The owner's manual and parts diagram are included.

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