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Quick Change Top Plate RCBS Rebel Inline Fabrication

Quick Change Top Plate RCBS Rebel only
Manufacturer: Inline Fabrication
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Manufacturer part number: UTP26.1

These are the top plates required for the InLine Fabrication Quick change top plate system. Select the ones you would like from the drop down menu above. If you have limited or multi use bench space like most of us, the quick change system is what you need . Remove 2 thumbnuts and swap presses in 30 seconds. These plates secure into the InLine Fab quick change base plate for quick swapping of your reloading gear. We have plates for all mainstream units, including Hornady, RCBS, Dillon, Redding, Lyman & LEE. We also have plates for vises, trimmers, lubesizers, etc. Have a look at the drop down list to see all the possibilities! The top plates come with the appropriate holes and hardware to attach the your press/specific item to the plate.

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