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can't order them
i went on the w sight  to order some h p could not do it
9/14/2021 6:36 PM
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A manager responded to this review
We do not have any in stock. If you look at the Availability it states: Out of Stock, which means we do not have any to sell you. Since we don't have any, you can't order it.  Appreciate the 3 rating for something you never tried.
Great bullet
Consistent weight of 202 grains. Loaded over power pistol 8.0 grains yields about 930 fps. Also Tite group 5.4 yields 1000 fps. Both are extremely accurate. I don't have a hardness tester but they are definitely harder than my pure lead muzzleloader bullets. Also great shipping. Received them I'm just a couple of days and that was when the pandemic craziness was at its peak.
3/30/2021 1:21 AM
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Well made bullets. Very consitent at 202 grains and .430. Loaded over 5gr. titegroup with no leading problems at 925fps. Fast ship and quality service. Will buy again.
11/23/2020 8:06 PM
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Avg. 203 gr. ,  .430dia. , No  leading at 1100fps.
7/15/2020 3:10 AM
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Excellent bullets
These bullets are well made. they  weigh 204 grs.  each and every one I weighed. Also .430 diameter. No leading problem if you keep them under 1200fps.
9/27/2019 4:44 AM
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