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Totaslly worth it
At first I was a bit leery but placed an order anyway.  Glad I did.  Legit company.  Good prices, fast shipping, a low price threshold for free shipping.  Ordered 4 bags of Berrys blemished(?) 110 grain round nose .30 M-1 carbine bullets.  Arrived about 3 days after ordering.  Man, box must have weighed at least 6 - 8 pounds (Or more).  Free shipping alone for that box was worth the price per bag, which is low to begin with.  Bullets are fine, great even.  They might not be mirror polished but I really don't see any blemishes and certainly paper targets, clay pigeons, plastic bottles etc. are not going to care or complain about getting shot with a dull finish bullet.  Would I buy from US Reloading again?  Absolutely.  Awesome experience.  
1/13/2023 7:16 AM
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A manager responded to this review
Thanks for the kind words! Really glad that you were pleased with your order, and I hope that we can continue to earn your business moving forward!
Good for all round shooting
This is an inexpensive bullet good for all around shooting and plinking. With the cost of ammo and components today, these works well to fill that void.
12/29/2022 3:32 PM
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Best 30 cal bullet for the price
Great little bullet for plinking with my 308. Too light for my 30-06, Killed a hog with it last month, had the chance and took the shot. Not my normal hunting load, but when you have it in your sights, you don't try and rechamber a different cartridge. Surprised, that it did a fairly good job. Glad you keep these in stock, I'll order more next week.
12/23/2022 6:11 AM
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Worth the money
Have fired a few hundred and they are as accurate as many other match bullets. Have experienced good accuracy to 200 yards with this bullet and the price is good for a quality bullet.
9/25/2022 3:19 AM
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