** 9mm Brass 20% off. Discounts show in Cart. **

Unfortunately due to the current conditions we have limits on many products, this is based upon what they are and what category they fall under. We are attempting to give all reloaders a chance to receive ‘some’ products without hoarding or price gouging. Everyone wants to reload and shoot, so PLEASE be considerate of your friends that need some too!

Sorry, you can not order for a friend, this is only on a per person/household basis, and each order must be picked up in person with a government issued ID card and your order number.

Primers: Maximum of 500 primers per household per week.  This is ALL primers, not just one type of one manufacturer. Example: 200 CCI LPP and 300 Large Rifle Magnum primers counts as the maximum number per week.

Powder: 1 lb of each type of powder, not to exceed 2 lbs per week of all powders combined. If a 4 or 8 lb is available, then that fills the maximum that can be purchased for the week.

Other items: Limits apply on a per day per household period. 

Please do not exceed those maximums or ALL of yours orders will be canceled and refunded. No Exceptions!