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What is Once Fired Brass (OFB)?

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This is brass that has been fired at least one time, it may have been shot once, or 10 times. There is truly no way of knowing unless you personally took a box of factory new ammo, and shot it, then picked up each piece and ensured it was the same as you just shot.

Many people think that OFB has only been shot once, however they are being delusional if they really believe that. Some also think that brass from a military range or a law enforcement (LEO) range is only once fired, however that is not the case either. True, the military and LEO are not normally allowed to shoot reloads in their duty weapon, however, there are many that shoot reloads through the other guns they bring to the range to shoot after qualifications, or during off hours competions. Thinking back, I have yet to see any range with a barrel that says “ONLY ONCE FIRED BRASS” and the next barrel saying “BRASS FIRED TWICE OR MORE”, perhaps your range has it, mine doesn't.

Factory ranges probably have the best brass, but it is hard to get and even then there are still reloads being shot on occasion, if only for testing purposes. Additionally, indoor ranges that clearly state “NO RELOADS”, know that some of their customers are shooting reloads. Next time you are at a range that has that policy, take a long look around you and see if that guy that is picking up his brass is shooting from brand new, unopened boxes of ammo.

We have processed brass from all types of ranges over the years, military, LEO, factory, and private ranges, and have seen brass in each of them that has been shot repeatedly. Those that advertise that their brass has only been fired once, are giving you a good advertising pitch.

This is the difference between theory and real life. In reality, high 90+% are fired only once, but not 100%, so if that is good enough for you, then you know what to get. Like I used to tell people, “Do you want to know the truth, or do you just want to feel good?”.

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