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Used Equipment

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We get a few people coming through that want to sell their used equipment or ammo. If you have an interest in buying anything, like presses, dies, etc, let us know and we'll drop you a note when someone wants to sell. If we get enough interest, we may create a new category or page just for things like that for sale and then broadcast it on our newsletters.

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10/26/2018 8:29 PM
RCBS products

Looking mainly for 4x4 or auto indexing 4x4 press and/or accessories, shellplates, uniflow powder measure adaptor, etc.


12/29/2018 5:33 PM
RCBS 4x4 press for sale

The press looks barely used with ALL the shell plates.
I can probably round up a un-flow powder measure and APS strip loader.

Larry in Florida

1/16/2019 2:08 AM
Dies and brass trimming tool

I would be interested in 45 acp, 454, and 45-70 dies.  I would also like a cheap Lee press to do extra stuff on.  

Thanks, Dan