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Miscellaneous Centerfire Cases- Clean Pistol Brass- 1/2lb

♦ Assorted centerfire pistol brass/nickel cases- Cleaned/Polished.
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Manufacturer: Brass Once Fired - OFB
Availability: 10 in stock
Manufacturer part number: MISCCF-PB-C
Delivery date: 2-5 days

Miscellaneous Centerfire Cases- Clean Pistol Brass- 1/2lb

Miscellaneous centerfire cases for crafts or hobbies (jewelry, displays, decoration, etc…). Please note that this product will contain cases that, for one reason or another, have been deemed to be unsuitable for reloading purposes. However, they should be suitable for other crafts or hobbies. ***Please note: If you are looking for undamaged and/or reloadable brass, this product will not be your best option.***

This product may include dented, necked, split, nested, twisted and/or crushed cases. Cases may be berdan primed cases. May also include nickel plated brass cases.

We include 2-3% extra with each pack, in case you find cases that you deem to be unsuitable for your particular purposes.

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