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D-Lead Skin Cleaner with Abrasive ESCA Tech 8oz 1ea

D-Lead Wipe or Rinse Skin Cleaner with abrasive efficiently removes heavy metal dusts, lead and contaminants from the skin, hands and other areas of the body.

Corn Cob Media 20 grit 4 lbs

Corn Cob Media 20 grit, low dust, 4lbs, ~ 7 pints. Compare this at Midway at $13.99 + $10.19 shipping ($24.18). Save over 50% here.

Mix Media Corncob/Walnut 4 lbs

Can't decide whether you want the shine of corncob or the cleaning of Walnut? Try our half and half then, half corncob and half walnut. Works great!

Porcelain Balls 2mm 1 lbs/pk

1 pounds of 2mm brite balls for use as tumbling media. Compare this at Amazon for $18.00. Save over here!

Walnut Media 12/20 grit 4 lbs

Walnut Media 12/20 grit, 4 lbs, ~ 5 pints. Compare this at Midway at $15.99 + $10.19 shipping ($26.18). Save over 40% here.