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Cast Lead Bullets 45 Caliber 185 grain SWC pk/1512 *** See Full Description***
Manufacturer part number: 452-185-SWC-UNKWN
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Cast Lead Bullets 45 Caliber 185gr Semi Wadcutter - Manufacturer unknown.

This is NOT ammo, it can NOT be fired
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Cast Lead Bullets 45 Caliber 185 grain SWC pk/1512. Cast lead bullets vary greatly in weight, 3-5% variance is not uncommon. We offer the most popular bullet types for target shooters and game hunters.

***Please note that these did not come in a manufacturer's box. We cannot confirm the manufacturer. Although the casting appears to be pretty good and consistent, the lube on these bullets is not as consistently filled as we'd like to see. They should fire just fine, but these may not be appealing to you if you are expecting consistent lube groove converage.***

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Bullet Tips
1 - CoveringLead
2 - Grains185
3 - TipWad Cutter
4 - Diameter.451/.452