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Brass Processing - Rifle

Custom processing of your rifle brass. Clean, deprime, resize, trim, ream (primer pockets), and prime your brass. Prices are per 500 pieces. Return shipping included.
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No backorders/preorders on Once Fired Brass.

Many of us like to reload but don't have the time or interest in the mundane process of processing brass. We have been doing it for some local customers for awhile, and have decided to open it up to our out of state customers as well. Unlike others, we give you a choice of what you want done, you may only want it cleaned (wet tumbled), or maybe deprimed/resized too. Will now you can pick what you want done.

Other companies sometmes just exchange brass out, we don't! The brass you send us is processed separately and you will receive the same brass you send us.

Process includes return shipping, so what you see is the 'out the door' price. Unprimed brass will ship USPS Priority Mail, primed brass will ship UPS. Below is description of each of the processes.


- We process only boxed primed Brass cases, aluminum, steel and berdan primed cases are not processed.

- Cleaning is a wet cleaning (stainless steel media) then dry tumbled for a nice shine.

- Resizing is performed with clean, RCBS dies.

- Triming is done to SAMMI specs.

- Swaging is done via reaming the primer pockets, as we have found that using most 'plunger type' swaging puts a lot of stress on the primer pockets.

- Priming, we hand prime the processed brass, each shell is checked to ensure it is the correct depth. With this process you choose what brand and what type of primer you want inserted.


If you don't have 1,000 rounds of a particular caliber, then you can add several additional calibers for a small fee. Select 'Multiple Calibers' above. Ensure each caliber is placed in a separate bag within the shipping box.

Once we receive your order, we will send you a checklist and shipping instructions.

Processing time takes between 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon backlog and your order requirements.