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6.5mm Bullets 120 grain SP Hot-Cor Speer pk/100

♦ Diameter .264
♦ Bullet Type Jacketed
♦ Grains 120
♦ Bullet Tip Spitzer
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♦ 6.5mm .264 120 grain SP Bullets
What you see is what you get, it is NOT ammo, it can NOT be "shot"
    You must "reload" it with powder, primers with brass casing
Manufacturer: Speer
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SKU: SPEE-264-120-SP
Manufacturer part number: 1435
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Get incredibly reliable all-range accuracy and terminal performance with SpeerĀ® Hot-CorĀ® bullets. Molten lead is poured into the jacket during the construction process to maximize consistency while minimizing cost to the shooter.

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