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DIRTY 40 S&W Once Fired Brass Bullet Casings 8lbs
Manufacturer: Once Fired Brass - OFB
Manufacturer part number: 40SWOFB
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DIRTY Once Fired 40 S&W Brass For Sale

♦ Not hand sorted, may have some damaged/unusable/ammo cases
♦ Steel removed, but aluminum and nickel cases have not
♦ May have nested cases from other sizes and a few misc cases falling through the machine sorting process
♦ Most purchases are shipped out the next business day
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Dirty 40 S&W once fired brass are one of your least expensive options when doing bulk reloading. 

Once Fired Brass (OFB) Basics

Our brass includes commercial and military casings. We do not sort by headstamp, manufacturer, case length, primer size, flash hole, crimp, etc, unless specifically stated above. OFB may have imperfections, such as minor dings, dents, or bent mouths. Most flaws can be easily removed during resizing or upon first firing. This does not mean they are unusable, it just means you must resize them and fire them to remove the dings. Please review this article for more information.

Brass casings are available in three different primer flash hole sizes: .057 small, .074 (standard), and .110 (50 BMG). Ensure you have the correct decapping pin when resizing/decapping, as there is no standard and manufacturers can use any size they want. The wrong size pin will make decapping difficult and break pins. Many having difficulty depriming think it is due to the crimp, however, sometimes it is due to a small flash hole.

Additionally, there is not a standard for primer sizes; manufacturers can and do use different sized primers in their products. Note: Federal has both large and small 45 ACP (Blazer is all small primer), as does Starline for their 6.5 CM, and many others do the same, 308s can also be in both large and small. 

All purchases of brass are in "as-is" condition. We do not guarantee these for every application or bullet combination; they are intended for general reloading in a wide range of firearms. Regardless of our stock photos, some brass may be deprimed. If they are damaged and can't be used, we will replace them, with the exception of dirty bulk brass since we did not sort them.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
1 - TypeBrass
2 - ConditionOnce Fired Brass
3 - Case40 S&W