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Bulk Primers Pistol Small Winchester 5,000 (case) - FREE SHIPPING - IN

These are not in our local store but will be shipped throughout the United States. No PO boxes. FREE SHIPPING - Not in store INTERNET ONLY
Manufacturer: Winchester
Availability: 2 in stock
Manufacturer part number: WSP-5000
Vendor: BH-SD Vendor

Bulk Primers Pistol Small Winchester Case

These are shipped from our South Dakota warehouse and includes shipping and hazmat. The price you see is the total price you pay, NO HIDDEN FEES, only exception would be sales tax for shipping with in Florida.

Quantities vary quickly so what you order now, may low on stock. If by chance we are out of stock, we’ll let you know the next business day. You can either backorder it or cancel and we’ll immediately refund your full amount. Ensure your email address and phone are correct so we can contact you if needed.

No PO boxes and like all HazMat materials, no returns. Shipped only to United States addresses.



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